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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The walls go up

On day 26, the 10" wall panels arrived. They consist of inside and outside layers of 7/16" OSB and 9+ inches of high density EPS which has an insulation value of R-5 per inch. I held my breath during the unloading because of the bow in the 2 x 4s supporting the load (2nd picture). Three hours after delivery, the SW corner is up.

 The first few walls went up piece by piece with Charles operating the crane and Mike and Bill getting the panels in place. It's not easy bringing the panels together and forcing in the structural members like the double 2 x 6s that you can see in the top image. Come alongs, pry bars, heavy hammering all helped. The east wall was the last to go up, and by that time, there was enough room on the slab to assemble the whole wall before lifting it in place. You can see the attachment plates used to lift individual panels with the crane in the lower picture. Here the plates are being used to squeeze 4 panels together with a come along.

The top image shows the east wall being lifted in place and the bottom image shows the house with all the walls up. The whole process took 3 1/2 days with 3 workers. Keep in mind that the insulation for the walls is also complete and there is a complete nailing surface on the inside of the exterior walls.

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  1. That looks like too much fun...I'm going to have to come by and look for myself.