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Friday, June 3, 2011

First pictures of the interior

Two postings in one day! Gotta catch up. I moved into the house on May 1, which was 8.5 months after excavation started. The last phase went slowly because Charles was no longer working on the house, (because I needed to save money) and I divided my time between building and writing on the new edition of my physical chemistry textbook.

The ground floor has the kitchen - dining - living room on the south side, going from east to west. A workroom/studio, a bathroom, and the media room/guest bedroom are on the north side. If needed, there could be 2 bedrooms on the ground floor. The pictures below show the kitchen-dining-living areas. No handles on the cabinets, and no art on the walls yet. More pictures of the other rooms in a later posting.

Here is the stairs going up to the second floor

The bedroom, two office areas, the laundry area, and a second bathroom are on the second floor. The picture below is of the bedroom and the door goes out to a small west facing balcony. Pictures of the other spaces in a later posting.

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